• B-School tales through another lens…

    This blog is an attempt to give form to the numerous experiences that inspire me each day at Darden. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Please do keep visiting. -Yachna

Mission fast-tech!

The fall colors are fading away and the pretty little Charlottesville is getting cold and cosy. Before I get into winter hibernation mode, I wanted to share my learning’s from a recent trip to Silicon Valley. I hope those of you doing off-grounds tech recruiting and interested in learning about the hottest tech companies find … Continue reading


Two cents worth…

Last 12 weeks flew in frenzy as I did my summer internship at Expedia in Bellevue, Washington. I thoroughly enjoyed cruising my way through the complexities of online travel industry. As much I learnt in my challenging role as a Product Manager at Expedia, I had a blast living in the beautiful state of Washington. … Continue reading

Section E

Spring, Parties and Section E love

We’re in the midst of the busiest times at Darden. This might come as a surprise to some of you (who’re done with internship search and proud to bag their dream jobs) and a cliché to some (specially my non-Darden readers). However, I promise that this post is going to be more interesting than talking … Continue reading

Making Ethics personal..

Almost a week from now, we’ll come to the end of term 4, exams and then 2 weeks later, the highly awaited spring break. While my spring break plans are still hazy, the Business Ethics paper that all of us had to write made me think about the life ahead and what I hope to … Continue reading


Job treks and trotting the best-coast

  At Darden, time flies. When Dhruv (my husband) and I got admitted to Darden, he shared an article differentiating between the top schools in US. The article compared business schools to cars. Harvard is compared to Rolls Royce for its exotic appeal, Hass is for practical minded people like Toyota is and Darden is … Continue reading


Can it get more honeymoon-ish?

I dream often and I work harder to make them come true.  Last summer, I lived a dream as I geared up for my wedding. Indian weddings are a gala affair. A compulsive planner, I designed clothes for myself and my family, crafted an invitation website, shopped for favors and the summer flew past in … Continue reading


Highlights from our travels around this amazing world!

Trail to Peak

California Hiking and International Adventures

The Rolling Ship

B-school tales through another lens

From all my heart.. :)

B-school tales through another lens

Darden Symphony

B-school tales through another lens

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