Spring, Parties and Section E love

We’re in the midst of the busiest times at Darden. This might come as a surprise to some of you (who’re done with internship search and proud to bag their dream jobs) and a cliché to some (specially my non-Darden readers). However, I promise that this post is going to be more interesting than talking about how Darden has grilled us all in first year:P. So, what keeps us busy ?

-First and foremost, an intensive social calendar. Past few days have been unimaginably beautiful  with bright sunshine and cherry blossoms blooming all around.  As a fellow spring-lover once said, “April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.” Spring has bought an onset of parties, wine-tastings ( Virginia has the loveliest vineyards all around but I’ll talk about those some other time) and socials.  Entire Darden is gearing up for Foxfield races tomorrow and a spring social at Jefferson Theater follows soon! Why will we not be busy?

-It’s the last term for first years’ before we all head out for vacations and then summer internships. This the first term where we had to choose electives. With 3 subjects to be finished in a short and packed month, our plates are super full .While I have a lighter workload with subjects such as Creative Capitalism, Speaking About business , some first years such as my husband Dhruv are battling against Valuation and Global Financial Markets.

-It is the sad time when we have to bid farewell to our lovely second years. The second years at Darden have truly been a great support to all First Years – from tutoring to helping us in our recruiting activities to most important of all, keeping  our spirits up during the tough times. We’ve been super busy enjoying the last few days of second years’  company at Darden South Asian Society farewell, GWIB Dinner @ Dean Bruner’s house and lots of informal lunches and dinners.

-Throughout the first year at Darden, we’ve studied in our respective sections until this term. As school started last year, our entire class was randomly assigned into 5 sections. I couldn’t have been luckier to be randomly chosen and grouped with the super talented, extremely smart, unbelievably caring and the most fun people I’ve ever known. Three cheers to Section E :). This last term of electives, we no longer sit with our sections. Catching up with our section buddies is another thing which adds to our busy schedules.

It’s a bright and lovely day today and I have a game of golf scheduled in an hour. While I head out to enjoy the joys of spring and the golf greens, I leave you with some pictures of these beautiful times.


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